Gortbrack’s Green Charter

Mission Statement:

Gortbrack Organic Farm is an organic farm and an environmental and organic education centre.  Gortbrack Organic Farm aims to provide all sections of the community with a sustainable, educational and social resource that is based on practical skills development.

Overall aim:

To provide an organic, environmental, residential training centre. The farm will provide opportunities for organic environmental education, training and awareness, and will become a sustainable resource that will enhance personal and community development.

Environmental Education:

  • To create awareness of sustainable living and our interrelationships and interdependence with nature
  • To promote an ethos of environmental protection and conservation e.g. recycling, composting, and organic food production
  • To create an awareness of Local Agenda 21, the Global Action Plan which resulted from the Rio Earth Summit in 1992,
  • To promote the health value of growing and eating food, that is grown locally using organic methods
  • To insure that all training and education programmes are based on organic principles and the development of practical skills
  • To promote the importance & relevance of organic & environmental skills in the rural, urban & suburban garden

Local Organic Food Production

  • Gortbrack Organic Farm maintains a small organic market garden and supplies the local community
  • To ensure the market garden forms the basis for the organic and environmental training
  • To provide medicinal and culinary herbs

Heritage and Biodiversity

  • Gortbrack Organic Farm demonstrates heritage and biodiversity in action and is host to KEEP
  • Under the Heritage in Schools Schemes, KEEP provides practical and environmental education in schools

Art and the Environment

  • To promote garden design as an art form, where the organic garden is not just functional but visually attractive

To promote art education ie. Painting and pottery in the garden and natural environment which can enhance the imagination and inspire the participants

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