Eco Landscaping

Gortbrack is dedicated to designing gardens for wildlife by creating habitats for our native flora and fauna; and to edible garden design, helping people to start growing their own vegetables again no matter what size garden they have.

Native Hedgerow and Woodland Planting

The basis for all long term eco landscaping projects.  We will design and plant native species without the use of chemicals but in a way that will develop the shelter necessary in a short time.

Gardens for Wildlife

Whether for food production or not we will design gardens to improve the biodiversity for wild life.

Edible Garden Design 

Food is an important element of eco landscaping as it provides additional habitats and reduces our pressure on the landscape.

Natural Eco Garden Design – Permaculture Design 

Permaculture design is a common sense method of maximising our space as a valuable resource and can be incorporated into the garden design.

Sensory Gardens

In some cases the concept of sensory gardens can be incorporated into the design especially in communal and special needs scenarios.

Since 2013 we have been working with the Kilcummin community and their Tidy Towns committee in the development of their Millennium Park, an eco-landscaping and sensory garden project that was recently evaluated by Tidy Towns judges.

This is their feedback:

Landscaping and Open Spaces / Tírdhreachú agus Spásanna Oscailte – (Awarded 2016):

‘It was an absolute delight to explore your Millennium garden. Every corner was different. Your

adjudicator liked the orchard of trees sourced from Irish SeedSavers –bringing back species

that were nearly lost in Ireland. To understand that you can have a public garden with no

weedkiller was great – how refreshing and good for wildlife.

This is an excellent example for other TidyTowns groups. The sensory element of this garden

allowed you to touch, feel, smell and even taste the variety of plants here. This is a lovely, safe

inviting area and you should be highly pleased of your efforts here.’

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